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The Davidoff Art Initiative wishes to express its heartfelt concern for all those impacted by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean region. We mourn the lives lost and extend our sympathy to all those who endured hardship a consequence of these events.

While our first concern is for the lives and health of all those living in the afflicted areas, we are also deeply aware that natural catastrophes can inflict deep and lasting damage to a nation’s arts and cultural life and infrastructure. Since the hurricanes have passed through, we have been carefully monitoring the situation, and we have attempted to reach out to all the artists and institutions in our network.

Going forward, we are exploring how we may help the arts communities in areas affected by the storms. In dialogue with other cultural partners, both inside and outside the Caribbean, we are trying to understand the scope of the damage and establish the best ways to help.

In the meantime, we have identified one of the most reliable funds -  - as a means of supporting ongoing relief efforts. We encourage our friends and partners to contribute. We will share news about additional ways to support artists and art groups in the islands. Thank you for considering to join this cause.

Davidoff Art Initiative desea expresar su sincera preocupación a todos los afectados por los recientes huracanes en la región del Caribe. Lamentamos profundamente las vidas perdidas y extendemos nuestra solidaridad a todos aquellos que sufrieron adversidades como consecuencia de estos fenómenos.

Si bien es cierto que nuestra preocupación principal es la vida y la salud de todos aquellos que viven en las zonas afectadas, también estamos extremadamente conscientes de que las catástrofes naturales pueden causar daños profundos y duraderos a las artes, la vida cultural e infraestructura de una nación. Desde el paso de los huracanes hemos monitorizado cuidadosamente la situación y tratado de contactar a todos los artistas e instituciones de nuestra red.

De ahora en adelante, exploraremos cómo podemos ayudar a las comunidades artísticas de las áreas afectadas por estos fenómenos. A partir de diálogos con colegas del área cultural, dentro y fuera del Caribe, estamos midiendo el alcance de los daños para determinar cuál es la manera más efectiva de colaborar.

Mientras tanto, hemos identificado uno de los recursos más confiables - - como un medio para apoyar los esfuerzos de socorro que se encuentran en proceso de ejecución. Por este medio animamos a nuestros amigos y colegas a contribuir también. Compartiremos otras noticias sobre formas adicionales de apoyar artistas y grupos culturales en el Caribe. Gracias por considerar unirse a esta importante causa.

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New York, New everything!

New York, New Everything! Tessa Mars updates from Residency Unlimited

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Davidoff Art Initiative hosts special events such as dialogues and open studios, involving artists, curators and collectors. Organized in different spaces and venues throughout the world, they are made possible through our partnerships. Additionally, Davidoff Art Initiative wish to share the different events that occur across the globe that includes participation by artists whom have collaborated to make the initiative’s aims a reality.

Don 28

Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival

In a historical moment when the very notion of cultural diversity is being threatened from so many angles, a full appreciation of the Caribbean as perhaps the most culturally diverse region in the world has never been more important.  As the crucible of the modern world, the Caribbean has always been a place where people from the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia have converged, and if anything, the conversation around diversity that is currently gripping both America and the UK is one that the Caribbean has already been immersed in for centuries.

Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival aims to celebrate and showcase this diversity by highlighting the most adventurous creatives in film, art and music who are emerging from the region and its sprawling diaspora. We hope you join us for a weekend that explores just how the Caribbean, in all its colorful nuance, is at once a signpost of the present, the past and the future of our ever-expanding world.

The festival was founded by Third Horizon, a Miami-based collective of Caribbean creatives whose first short film, Papa Machete, had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014 and had its US premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015, before going on to screen at more than 30 film festivals worldwide. It is staged in partnership with the Caribbean Film Academy, a Brooklyn-based not-for-profit organization whose core mission is to support and distribute the work of Caribbean filmmakers.

Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival

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Die 03

Tessa Mars: Producing work that reflects a Caribbean perspective

Join us to enjoy a private tour of El Museo del Barrio’s current exhibitions, followed by an artist talk that features Davidoff @ Residency Unlimited Artist-in-Residence from Haiti, Tessa Mars, in conversation with Harlem-based artist Vladimir Cybil Charlier and Brooklyn-based Shelley Worrell of caribBeing. These #hotartists will focus on producing work that reflects a Caribbean perspective both inside and outside of the region, with special attention to the Haitian experience.


October 3

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

More information and RSVP: El Museo del Barrio 

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Fre 29

Leasho Johnson: Playing the Fields 2

Third Horizon Film Festival will be presenting the newest work of 2017 exhibiting artist Leasho Johnso>n, in an exhibit entitled “Playing the Fields 2” curated by Christopher Cozier and Nicole Smythe-Johnson. This evening’s reception will be followed by a panel discussion with Johnson, Cozier and Smythe-Johnson, along with Kwesi Abbensetts and Dr. Patricia Saunders of the University of Miami. Complimentary admission.

O Cinema Wynwood
90 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127

DATE: September 29 2017

TIME: 5:30 pm

More Information: Third Horizon Film Festival

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Fre 21

Invisible Universes

Invisible Universes is an exhibition that showcases the most recent works by Mónica Ferreras De La Maza, expanding on works from her most recent residency in Shanghai.

Open to visitors between Monday - Friday 10:00 - 16:00 with the option to make a personal tour with the artist.

Venue: Ateliers Florenz

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Die 04

Jamaica Jamaica! exhibition

Jamaica Jamaica! exhibition:

An exhibition that presents the extraordinary influence that Jamaican culture has had on music, graphic design, fashion and contemporary art, both in Jamaica and beyond.

Leasho Johnson contributes to this exhibition presenting works that comment on the humour and hypersexuality of dancehall.

More info: Philharmoniede Paris

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Don 20

Jimmy Robert in Conversation with Kelly Kivland

A conversation between artist Jimmy Robert and curator Kelly Kivland, in collaboration with the Davidoff Art Initiative at the Swiss Institute .

Please RSVP to

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Son 26

Jamaica Biennial 2017

The Jamaica Biennial 2017 focuses on artists from Jamaica and Jamaica Diaspora and feature Leasho Johnson amongst the local artists exhibited.

Specially-invited artists from other Caribbean nations include David Gumbs and Raquel Paiewonsky.

More information here.

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Mit 01

Quisqueya Henriquez at VOLTA NY 2017

Works by Quisqueya Henríquez (Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2014) will been on view at VOLTA NY (New York, March 1-5). 
Recent works from the artist will be presented by the exhibitor Ana Mas Project (Barcelona / San Juan) at the art fair.

Don 02

Mathilde Rosier in Focus selection for Armory Show

Mathilde Rosier is among 12 artist in this year’s Focus, curated by Jarrett Gregory, at the Armory Show.

For more info visit the Armory Show website.

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