Claire Trotignon
Organized chalk and a pier Dessin [detail], collage gravures anciennes, cyanotypes 30 x 40 cm 2016

Claire Trotignon

Claire Trotignon

Claire Trotignon (b. 1983, Paris, France) questions classical tropes and notions of reality by deconstructing architectonic space. She received a degree in visual arts with special mention from the École supérieure des beaux-arts de Tours (FR) in 2006 and a postgraduate diploma with special mention in 2008. Her work has been presented recently at Untitled Art Fair Miami in 2015 ; at the Centre Pompidou Metz in 2013, Kit Peak & Turn off the light please ; and her last composition The reprieve of the pleiades has been acquired by the Public National Library of New York in 2016. Her most recent show was a new specific installation entitled The adjustable ruins and the nappers, at the CAC Le SHED in Rouen, France.

Trotignon is a multi-media artist whom at the beginning of her career she mostly produced collages and drawings but in recent times she has began constructing wood sculptures as well as full rooms installations.
Her entire practice revolves around a questioning of the codes upon which our reality is based. 

Claire Trotignon will be an artist in residency in Altos de Chavón 2017 as part of Davidoff’s international residency.

Artistic Statement

I create collages by using fragments cut from engravings or prints of my own drawings.  Resulting from both intuitive handcraft and goldsmith work, my imaginary territories do not follow any scenography or linear narration: pre-renaissance architectures stand alongside contemporary buildings, which sometimes overlook small islands of landscape or take the form of scattered and floating particles on the white matrix of the paper.

My work is deconstructing classicism and its architectonic: the foundations of the classical project were based on self-presence of reason, the certainty of the ontological primacy of a thinking and self-reflexive subject who, because of its substantial hierarchy, could give rules to the sensible: this is the phantasm of absolute control on the space.  Same kind of movement is taking place in the collage technique. 

Claire Trotignon will investigate the mutability of space and time, exploring through collage techniques the diversity of architectures in the Dominican Republic,with plans that include working on a scaled replica of a 16th century village built in 1976 in Altos de Chavón.