Mónica Ferreras de la Maza
Paisaje cuadrao, 2012 [detail]. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 in

Mónica Ferreras de la Maza

Mónica Ferreras de la Maza

Mónica Ferreras de la Maza (b. 1965, Dominican Republic) has worked for 20 years as a visual artist across a range of media including painting, drawing, installation and video art. Her work focuses on the contemporary urban culture of the Dominican Republic and the youth of marginalized neighborhoods in Santo Domingo. Manifested in her art is the artist’s exploration of the psychological and sociological perspectives on the state of her surroundings, raising questions about social class, the influence of tradition and consumerism on local and, ultimately, universal levels.

Mónica Ferreras de la Maza has presented solo exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers in the Dominican Republic and in the United States. Group shows across the United States, Europe, Latin and South America include: Inside and Out: Recent Trends in the Arts of the Dominican Republic, BID Cultural Center, Washington, DC, USA; Entre-Veus, Foundation Clement, Martinica; Latitudes – Exposition D’ Art Contemporain, Centro ITAU Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brasil; Island Nation, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI, USA; VideoAkt, GlogauAIR Art Center, Berlin, Germany; Cambridge Multicultural Center, Cambridge, MA, USA; ETTER COLUMBUS.COM, Arte Contemporáneo de Haití y Rep. Com; Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; Politica de la diferencia: Arte Ibero-Americano de fin de Siglo, Centro de convenciones Pernabumco, Recife, Brasil; and Museo de arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Argentina


For my experience of the residence was extraordinary. The change of context to work without distractions, focused and receiving other types of stimuli how the visual that offers the city of New York, already is much. In my case that reflected on my mood and the time in the work. The share with 28 other artists of different nationalities (the United Nations of the arts as you call) allowed me to learn of their processes of thinking and working. Helped me to check on things. Create dialogs with some of them and relationships for the future. See that they are doing these artists and as they are doing. In general a very refreshing experience, intense and enriching.

One of the advantages that I had to make the residence in the autumn is that the ISCP organised only in spring and in autumn the open studios. These are their most important events open to the public in the year, and the only mandatory activity for the artists.  It was a very gratifying experience to share with the public, answer your questions and hear their reactions and analysis of the works.  Part of the routine of work and activities of Agenda by the ISCP, another great advantage of this residence is to have available a wonderful city with NY and all that it offers the same in the arts and other areas. New York is a city that to me in particular i love and I felt very happy to be able to enjoy it for 3 months.

In a general sense the residence was wonderful and much benefit. Flowed in an incredible way and without doubt represents for my career in an expansive experience.

Artistic Statement

Mónica Ferreras De la Maza’s body of work has an autobiographical component that captures periods of growth and anxiety in her own chronology. Some symbols and style elements recur often, like the spiral, the maze, and also the obsessive use of points, circles, and lines. Ferreras constructs her paintings by building layer upon layer of form and color. Parallel to her painting, she produces video art and installation based on daily social observation.