Nastasia Meyrat
Cheers! [detail]. Fabrics, Patchwork, 3 x 2 m, 2016

Nastasia Meyrat

Nastasia Meyrat

Nastasia Meyrat (b. 1991, Switzerland) manifests an interdisciplinary approach to engage dialogue around cultural interconnectivity, social identity, and utopian possibilities. She received a BFA with honours from HEAD Geneva University of Art and Design, in 2013 and a Masters in 2015. Meyrat was a resident at the 4th Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), where she developed a cultural exchange project alongside her anthropologist sister. She was selected for the New HEADS – BNP Paribas Foundation Art Awards prize in 2015, concurrent with the group exhibition GET OUT, curated by Latifa Echakhch.

Recent exhibitions include Contributing to the shrinking in the dwelling, Zabriskie Point, Geneva in 2015; and Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide, Urgent Paradise (Lausanne) in 2016.

Nastasia Meyrat will be an artist in residence in Altos de Chavón 2017 as part of Davidoff’s international residency.

Artistic Statement

I conceive my work as the creation of pieces and environments that operate like a Trojan horse. I want the shapes to be seductive and my codes to refer to popular culture. Through the codes that I choose I desire to give rise to discussions and exchanges.
The materials, shapes and techniques evolve and adjust according to the subjects that I address. Thus, my productions may take different forms that extend from paintings, texts, sculptures to performances. The topics that inspire me at the moment and that I explore through different techniques and approaches, are immaturity, utopia and domesticity. The immature figure that uses irony and ruse, is important to my own position in art.

This residency offers the opportunity to create and propose a space where people can exchange knowledge, ideas and opinions through art. I believe this is a great chance to build common experiences, in order to let people and artists work together or communicate.  I wish to create a dialogue between Utopia, the people I will meet in Dominican Republic and those whom I already have the pleasure to know in Haiti.