Nuria Montiel
Entre la vida y la Muerte [detail], 2014. Blcak and white monoprint made using letter blocks.

Nuria Montiel

Nuria Montiel

Nuria Montiel (b. 1982, Mexico City, Mexico) is interested in public art as it allows a space for dialogue and collective expression. Her work has been shown in various group exhibitions including Panamericana at Kurimazutto Gallery in Mexico City, Antena at Baffler Art Museum in Houston and The New York Art Book Fair 2012, Mx Editions at MoMA PS1 in New York City, among others. She is also a member of La Galería de Comercio, a non-profit arts organization that creates public art projects in Mexico City.

She studied Visual Arts at La Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (ENAP-UNAM) and attended a contemporary art class at Soma, an artist organization dedicated to cultural exchange and arts pedagogy in Mexico City. Nuria is currently in a Jackman Goldwasser residency program at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.


I asked myself if artists in residence can escape from being cultural tourists to transcend their trip under a creative impulse. What I am sure about is that art residencies brings special conditions for cultural exchanges between people form very different backgrounds and this context provoke new ideas, reflections and discussion on the participants.

Davidoff Art Initiative’s residency program at Altos de Chavón, was a great opportunity to visit for the first time Dominic Republic in conversation with artists, students, musicians and craftsmen.  It was an immerse experience where I explored new ideas about the meaning of art and the roll of artists in society. The residency opened questions that I am still thinking about around issues of race, colonialism, class, labor and pleasure. I spend most of my time travelling across the island, coming back and forth to the studio at Altos de Chavón to digest the experience and collected information during my trips.

Artist Statement

Art can provoke new possibilities of existence through dialogue, confrontation and encounters from individual or group experience. Art brings forth the conditions for imagining new mechanisms of communication and social organization that have not yet existed and can transform our everyday life.

My work is an investigation of community-based and participatory aesthetic strategies, searching for social manifestations in public spaces, where art-making and community construction can mutually inform each other.

I am interested in generating alternate systems of production to create work in dialogue with other artists and curators but also with people not necessarily involved with the art world.