Paolo Chiasera

Paolo Chiasera

Paolo Chiasera

Artist, writer and curator Paolo Chiasera’s multi-disciplinary work, which spans painting, video, performance and installation, is primarily informed by the artist’s inquiry into historical images, myths and rituals. Chiasera’s work takes history as a starting point for a process of creative deconstruction and reconstruction, sourcing material from film, literature and philosophy as a way to reconstitute narratives and engage collective memories from the viewer.

Artistic statement


Ambush is a fully immersive project that consists of a habitable space, magazine and a painting, based on the floor plan of the Oratory Orsanmichele in Florence, Italy and references the historical aesthetic principles of corporate patronization. The first issue of Ambush magazine will be supported by Davidoff Art Initiative and will present a statement about the future of the institution by Lorenzo Benedetti, former director of De Apple Center in Amsterdam, as well a map of the most innovative artist-run spaces in the Caribbean. Both the magazine and paintings can be enjoyed in the mixed-use lounge.

Abstract, presentation of Secondo Stile by Paolo Chiasera

The Secondo Stile, the second style of Roman painting, emphasizes the imaginary. This project titled Secondo Stile works to facilitate a new definition of space, a new form of a productive meeting place, and new modes of collaboration.

A canvas-space can be transported faster than a building. Therefore, the goal of Secondo Stile is to transform the institutional definition of an exhibition space− often referred to as a place to share and exhibit new ideas− and create a nuanced version of this by utilizing the portable canvas as a literal way to explore collaboration through its inherent fluidity and architectural mobility.
Secondo Stile presently encompasses three canvas-spaces, entitled Wedding, Mott and Tent, which function as nomadic institutions under the temporary directorship of appointed curators. Tent will travel to the Caribbean as part of Paolo Chiasera’s residency at Davidoff.