Patricia Castillo
The Meeting [detail], 2016.

Patricia Castillo

Patricia Castillo

Patricia Castillo (b. 1972, Dominican Republic) is an interdisciplinary artist who seeks to activate and energize space through geometric, often utilitarian forms comprised of found materials.

She studied Fine Arts and Illustration at the School of Design de Chavón, Dominican Republic, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions across the Caribbean and the United States.
Patricia continued to expand her artistic development attending the Fine Arts School Frederic Chopin, Bogotá, Colombia and completing studies in Graphic Design at the University Action Pro Education & Culture (UNAPEC), Santo Domingo.

Her most recent solo exhibitions, Where am I going? and Health, were presented at the Cultural Center of Spain and the 6th Caribbean Biennial, both in Santo Domingo.

Patricia Castillo is Davidoff Art Initiative artist in residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, Germany .

April - June 2017

Artistic Statement

My visual productions arise of different questions, from the idea of how humans can get their welfare and all external elements involved in this context. In every creation I try to arouse concern about who we are. Exposing our state of consciousness, and in this, the humanization process in which we find ourselves and the search for whom we really are.

As in our day to day we are involved in the constant process of being vice with elements that are external to our essence. Through my work, I do not limit myself in the search for materials with which I structure each of my installations, experimenting with plastic objects, Wood, Fabrics, Bubble Gum, Syringe, Hair, among others, always analyzing the use or purpose with which was created this or that product, preferably an ordinary product.

Berlin is a city under construction.
Its recent historical events have caused the city to be in permanent transformation, both urban and socially. In this context, the spaces dedicated to contemporary art are attuned for new trends in parallel times. Berlin offers me the opportunity to produce my work in a city that is diversely rich and has a strong intercultural dialogue.