Rodell Warner Limited Edition 2017


Rodell Warner is a photographer and graphic designer from Trinidad and Tobago whose works assume various forms in a process of exploration and rediscovery.  He harnesses facets of new media, digital media and photography, creating unique patterns and projections that have become key characteristics in some aspects of his artistic production. Through his digital creations, Warner participates within a global framework of discourse about the nature of digital possibilities and brings unseen aspects of nature into view.  How we see, think, and interact are brought into question as Warner seeks to reveal what is already there.
His work has been exhibited in South Africa, U.S.A. U.K., Trinidad, Barbados, Canada, Jamaica and Aruba.

Artist Statement

Presently, this period of work focuses on the notion of observation.  The methods utilize combine contemporary digital media techniques as well as traditional mediums to create works that encourage rethinking and reevaluation of what one sees.  “This exploration of how an image on the surface can affect the perception of an object is the focus of my work now, and where I believe I find a visual uniqueness.” says Warner

Creating the Limited Art Edition

“I enjoy the universality of this exploration, as the viewer is not asked to be familiar with any specific cultural references in order to access the work.” states Warner. This project started by creating a collage of patterns using found images of flora and fauna, especially those native to the Caribbean region.  This was then transformed into one singular digital three-dimensional object. Deconstructions of this 3D object from varying angles, produced novel and innovative aspects of nature and in turn produced a puzzle like effect from which to build the final image.  The natural world re-imaged and reformed is the result of this exploration.