In seeking to strengthen the visual arts in the wider Caribbean region, the Davidoff Art Initiative recognizes that providing opportunities for artists to develop their work and gain contacts and exposure is not enough. Cultural organizations too, have pressing needs. Many are constrained in their efforts to exhibit or promote artists because they lack physical, technological, or financial resources to do so.


Art Grants assist local cultural organizations and institutions in the Caribbean with small and medium-size awards. A limited number of grants are provided each year to meet the needs of organizations, including museums, non-profit art spaces, art schools, art publications and websites, non-for-profit and other art collaboration dedicated to providing opportunities and exposure for artists of the Caribbean in the Caribbean.

You’ve got a great idea. What next? Read the guidance carefully.

This guidance explains how to complete your application form and answers some common questions, so please read it carefully before you begin.

We are committed to being open and accessible, and want to make sure our services are accessible to everyone. We realise some applicants may experience barriers making a grant application or accessing our services.
If you experience or anticipate any barriers within the application process or require help to make an application or accessing services and information, please contact us for information on the type of support that we can provide.

Is your activity right for Grants for the arts?

Through Grants we are able to make grants five times a year.

Grants for the arts is a continuous programme, so you can apply at any time during the five cycle:

But you need to allow enough time between when you apply and when your activity starts. We need 6 weeks to process applications, after the application process is closed.

Grant application agenda

January – February 2016

March – April 2016

May – June 2016

July – August 2016

September – October 2016

November – December 2016

Grants is a competitive programme. Please consider what you would do if we cannot fund your activity.

Log in to our online application system.

Applications are made online via our website.
Make sure that you have all the information ready, before you start, since the application needs to be filled out in one go.
To be sure, you are not missing any information: Please check, what you need to fill in the application form.

Information requested:

1. General Information: Name, Website, Email, Phone Number, Country
2. Grant Information: Name of the project, Country, Activity dates and Amount requested
3. Brief about the organisation, Description of the project and Budget table

Please note: if your application does not contain the information, we might not be able to consider your application.

The application form asks you a series of questions about different parts of your activity. This gives us information about you, the activity you are applying for and your budget. We will use the information you give us in your application form to decide whether we will offer you a grant.
We wish you success with your application.

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