Residency for Caribbean Artists
Red Door of Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.

Residency for Caribbean Artists

Davidoff Art Initiative offers five annual international partner residency hosts for Caribbean artists.

For more information regarding the selection process, application criteria, online application form and funding see below.








The Künstlerhaus Bethanien is an international cultural centre in Berlin. An artist-in-residence programme with workspaces for professional artists and exhibition spaces, it is dedicated to the advancement of contemporary visual arts.

2017:  Particia Castillo

2016: Fermín Ceballos

2015: Raquel Paiewonsky

2014: Jorge Pineda



Red Gate Gallery supports the arts community with a strong international residency program that give artists, curators, writers, and academics an opportunity to live and create work in China. Red Gate is recognized both as a tour de force and trail blazer in the history and development of the contemporary Chinese art scene providing a gateway that promotes artistic development and rich cultural exchange.

2017: Jesús Negrón

2016: David Gumbs

2015: Engel Leonardo

2014: Pascal Meccariello



Escuela FLORA is a space for contemporary art in Bogotá, Colombia, that specializes establishing links with the rest of the country and abroad through international residencies, commissioned projects, and educational activity. A point of reference for the local scene in Bogotá, Flora is settled in two main places: Flora’s House in Bogotá, where the library, art studios and project’s room are located, and Casa Deuxsoleils in Honda town, where residences take place.

2017: Jorge Gonzalez

2016: Natalia Ortéga Gámez



Located in Brooklyn, NY, Residency Unlimited (RU) supports the creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art through its unique residency program and year-round public programs, facilitated through strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions.Residents benefit from a diverse network of partners, which allows for flexibility, customization and access to a wide range of services and resources including but not limited to studio/workspaces.

2016: Leasho Johnson

Accepted artists for the New York Residency in 2013-2015 at ISCP, New York.

2015: Hulda Guzmán

2014: Polibio Díaz

2013: Monica Ferrera de la Maza



Atelier Mondial‘s studios are located in the newly constructed building complex at Freilager-Platz in the Dreizpitz neighborhood, and emerging arts quarter just behind the Swiss railway station. The residency is created in collaboration with the Institute of Art at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, under leadership of Institute Head Chus Martínez. Each year, the Davidoff Art Initiative will invite one artist or curator from the Caribbean to participate in a three-month residency at the venue.

2016: Michael Linares

2015: Guillermo Rodríguez


Application Criteria

Davidoff Art Residency positions in international residency programs worldwide are offered to emerging and mid-career contemporary visual artists from the wider Caribbean region. Some residency program partners may accept applications from art writers and curators.

  • The Davidoff Art Residency is for individuals who are pursuing visual arts as their primary professional activity.
  • Candidate artists for the residency may work in any field of art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, video, digital art, and performance, or a combination of media.
  • The residency is designed for candidates in their early or mid-career who have earned a measure of professional recognition – in the form of exhibitions, reviews, works included in collections, awards, etc. – but who are still growing and developing their body of work.
  • Spoken English is strongly preferred in most international residency programs; in addition, individual residency programs may have their own language requirements.
  • Davidoff Art Residency positions are open to all eligible candidates, without preference or restriction as to nationality gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or religious or ideological belief.
  • Writers and curators specializing in the visual art of the Caribbean, or who are involved in projects (books, exhibitions, lecture series, documentaries, etc.) featuring Dominican and/or Caribbean art and artists, are eligible to apply to some participating programs.
  • Candidates for the program must complete and submit all required application materials and agree to an interview with a Davidoff Art Initiative representative.
  • Each candidate is solely responsible for obtaining proper travel authorization. Davidoff will provide any required letters and necessary documentation of the program in these cases, and will cover any applicable visa processing fees.
  • Once selected, participants must comply with all contractual requirements and agree to stay in the residency location for the entire duration of the residency.

Selection Process

The Davidoff Art Initiative invites applications from eligible applicants, and may also invite candidates to apply on the basis of nominations from the Davidoff Art Initiative’s International Advisory Art Council, as well as other art world experts.

A committee of art professionals with expertise in contemporary art and artists of the Caribbean region will review all fully completed and eligible applications, and submit final recommendations to international partner residency programs for joint approval.

Candidates who have secured a residency will be notified at least three months prior to the start of the residency period.  Positions in specific programs cannot be guaranteed. Candidates are encouraged to be flexible and keep their preferences for programs open.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the selection process, the Art Initiative regrets that many eligible candidates will not receive an invitation to a residency in a given year. Repeat applications for candidates who meet all the eligibility criteria are permitted and encouraged.


The Davidoff Art Initiative covers all major direct expenses related to participation in the Davidoff Art Residency at international partner program sites, including studio rental, housing, a monthly stipend for living expenses, material and shipping costs, travel to and from the residency, visa fees and a study tour undertaken during the residency. Specific terms will vary for individual partner programs.

Certain indirect costs (e.g. travel to and from airports, inoculations, health insurance etc.) are not covered.

The costs and circumstances of various residency programs and destinations can vary substantially. Detailed information on support for individual programs will be provided to candidates who have been selected for the residency, as part of their participation agreement.

Application Form

The Davidoff Art Residency is accepting applications from eligible Caribbean artists for the Beijing Residency at Red Gate 2015.

Please go to the Online Application Form and Terms & Conditions.

Requirements:Please submit the Application Form and the Terms and Conditions signed to

The images need to be send separately maximal (6) JPEG images.
Images: 72 DPI resolution, maximum file size for each image submitted: 1 MB.
We do NOT accept high res images and do NOT submit: PowerPoint, TIFF, Gif or PSD files.
Saved the images as follow: title, year, size, medium. If needed, a brief sentence/description, can be included for each piece in a separated document.

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