Limited Edition I enjoy the universality of this exploration, as the viewer is not asked to be familiar with any specific cultural references in order to access the work.

Within the scope of the Art Initiative, Davidoff invites contemporary artists from throughout the Caribbean and Diaspora to create works that complement its products and brand. Essentially, this project promotes important creative voices from the Caribbean to a global platform. A portion of proceeds for these exclusive limited editions are dedicated to the Davidoff Art Initiative.


Rodell Warners works assume various forms in a process of exploration and rediscovery that harnesses facets of new media, digital media and photography.

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Olivia McGilchrists’ work juxtaposes parallel realities through photographs, multimedia installations and virtual reality to re-appropriate and remap elements of the tropical picturesque.

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Working across collage, print, video, installation, and sound, Quisqueya HenrĂ­quez’ works include a focus on stereotypes originating in corporeal notions of beauty and athleticism.

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