11/23/2017 Corporate Art Award 2017 recipients

Corporate Art Award 2017. Photo courtesy of pptART.

The Davidoff Art Initiative (DAI) is honored to receive one of the 2017 International Corporate Art Awards®.

Luca Desiata, the curator of the Corporate Art Awards® said:

“A lasting contribution to the world of contemporary art. A profound social impact on the communities and the stakeholders. An international perspective with the involvement of five prestigious art institutions worldwide. These are the features that made the Davidoff Art Residency program one of the winners of the 2017 edition of the Corporate Art Awards”.

The Corporate Art Awards® were developed by pptArt® under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Culture. They aim at to enforce visibility, recognition, and reputation for the best practices in the collaboration between the Corporate world and the Art world.

We dedicate this award to all the artists, institutions and individuals that give meaning to the initiative.

We will continue to work to support arts and culture of the Caribbean, sharing with the world the diverse cultural languages of the region.