05/01/2014 First-Ever Davidoff Limited Art Edition unveils Cigar Boxes featuring Artwork by Quisqueya Henríquez

Davidoff Limited Art Editions, with artwork by Quisqueya Henríquez. Courtesy of Davidoff, 2014.

Davidoff Art Initiative unveiled the first-ever Davidoff Limited Art Edition cigar boxes, featuring original commissioned artwork by the critically acclaimed Caribbean artist Quisqueya Henríquez.

Two limited edition cigar boxes, each one manufactured in a quantity of 3,000 and stocked with custom-made cigars developed exclusively for the limited art edition, were presented at Davidoff’s Lounge in the Collectors Lounge at the Art Basel show in Hong Kong.

The compositions created by Henríquez for the Davidoff Limited Art Edition and the Collectors Editions call to mind the intricate handcraft of cigar making and evoke the multiple phases involved in the tradition of cigar manufacture. The richly colored images obtained from the layering of multiple photographs of tobacco leaves, create a composition that, while abstract, hints at the source materials involved in its creation.

The Limited Art Edition cigar boxes and the Collectors Editions will also be available at Davidoff’s Lounge in the Collectors Lounge during Art Basel in Basel from June 17-22, 2014.

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